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Barrisol Acoustic - A30 microacoustic

A30 Microacoustic®

Thanks to Microacoustics® sheets, the degree of absorption can be regulated with precision according to the specific needs of each part, by selecting the right distance between the sheet and the wall.

The micro perforations being almost invisible, Microacoustics® combines sound and aesthetic comfort.

Technical information - A30 Microacoustic®

Perforation Features
Holes : 300 000/m²
Hole diameter : ≈ 0,2 mm
Perforation rate : ≈ 0,6 %
Thickness : ≈ 0,18 mm
Reference : A30 + ref. colour

Acoustic performance

Microacoustic® without insulation :

Plafond Microacoustic®

Microacoustic® with insulation :

Plafond Microacoustic® avec isolant

Taux d'absorption acoustique

Sound absorption ratings Without insulation With insulation
Sound absorption average according to ASTM C423 - 01 SAA = 0.54 SAA = 0.86
Noise reduction coefficient according to ASTM C423 -01
NRC = 0.50 NRC = 0.90
Weighted sound absorption coefficient according to DIN EN 11654 αw=0,50 (M) αw=0,80
Sound absorber class according to DIN EN 11654 D B

Download the 'Acoustics' documentation (PDF)

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